Tasmania, Australia was the first state to kick off our expedition around Australia in our camper-van named “Vanchy”, so we were both nervous and excited. 

It had never really topped my “must see” list. I had succumbed to the generalisations of it being packed with bogans (Australia’s version of a redneck), and don’t get me wrong, there were PLENTY, but not quite what I expected.

There was a belief within me that there wasn’t much to do and/or see there, as living in the hustle and bustle cities of Sydney and Melbourne, I’m accustomed to having something new and exciting to do every day. I guess they have generelisations for a reason… But alas, this was the 2 weeks that would prove the generalisation and I wrong!

If you’ve ever had a somewhat mediocre feeling towards this little island, then believe me when I say it is an absolute gem that is so underrated! (I should be their promotions girl I swear – carry on reading).

Mind you, I did get to enjoy the place itself, it wasn’t all about showcasing my ability to “act natural” for a photo for social media. My #instahubby helped with much of the curating of the photos. Thank you, Drew. 🙂

Anyway, enough of my rambling, here are the 7 top reasons why you must get your a$$ to Tasmania!

If you get the chance to do it in a camper-van or RV, then I would 10/10 recommend it. You get to see so much more, and you always have all of your belongings with you, which comes in handy if you go from bushwalking to an evening of dinner and drinks. 

1) An Abundance Of Wildlife

It’s an animal lover’s haven. (My hand is up here). If you’d like (furry) guests for breakfast, lunch and dinner, then you’re in for a treat!

They were coming right up to Vanchy and having a sniff around. 

Potteroos – which are smaller than a wallaby (see below) are more than happy to enquire as to what you have on the menu. It is sternly mentioned not to feed them, though. As with any wild animal they must remain wild, and feeding them human food can often make them ill. The temptation was real, though!

Wallabies, HUGE possums, kangaroos, birds, lizards, crabs were all in abundance. Unfortunately, no Tassy Devils as they are extremely elusive, and their population has dwindled due to a cancer that has ravaged the species. Good news is they are on the rise and making a come back. Happy days!

Some of the locals you'll find hanging around

Some of the locals you’ll find hanging around


Sorry, Potteroo. i'd love to, but i can't feed you. :(

Sorry, Potteroo. I’d love to feed you but I can not 🙁

2) Pristine Beaches & Bays

Life really is a beach down South. Drew and I are in love with the ocean, and Tasmania delivered the goods.

The beaches here are breathtakingly stunning, clean and some are bluer than the sky itself.

Wineglass Bay: The name alone wine – I mean wins me over. As the name suggests, if you look from the lookout above, it is in the shape of a wineglass. 

It’s one of the beaches with larger waves, and ever changing currents and swells.

View from the top | Freycinet National Park

View from the top | Wineglass Bay, Freycinet National Park


So if i walk on the beach, do i get a glass of wine then?

So if I walk on the beach, I get a glass of wine, right??

Hazards Beach: Whilst its name isn’t as appealing as Wineglass Bay, the beach itself is. After a short 20min hike through bush, you’ll find this beauty.

Are you in the Bahamas? Nope! You’re down under at one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen with my own two eyes. Crystal clear water, rocks to climb and sit on, and barely another soul in sight. Perfect!

Coles Bay: A public lounge to work on your tan whilst overlooking the yachts in the bay? Yes. Please.

Due to it being a bay, the waves were pretty much non-existent, so it’s perfect for little ones, or for those that just aren’t fans of waves. Drew and I camped here, so it was literally on our doorstep. HEAVEN.

Fortescue National Park: This one got me goooooood. I was in absolute awe at this beach.

You’ll have more than enough instagram worthy beach pics. #iknowididit

3) Tasmania Has Some Of The Friendliest People EVER

Want to make new friends, but are kind of shy, kind of CBF for all the effort? Go to Tassy!

They will smile at you and start having a chat about anything and everything, all without making you feel like you have to think of pointless things to ask or say just to keep the conversation flowing. #comehereoften?

Take Steve (pictured below) as an example. We’d met him at our camping spot at 10am, and by 11:30am, we’d found out what he did for work, what he was up to for the day, and his plans for the rest of the week. We also had a much welcomed present when we came back – alcohol, with a little note. (I’ll forgive you for forgetting my name, Steve). Oh, and we got an invite to his place if we ever passed through his hometown again.

Also, the people actually apologise for bumping into you, and when you strike up a conversation with them, they have a genuine interest in what you’re saying.

Small things that make a difference when you’ve lived in major cities. 

#mainlysydneythough #justbeinghonest

Our mate Steve

Our mate Steve whom left us a little “present” and note


Our new mate Steve who left us a little present and note after our walk on the beach

Aforementioned present and note from Steve

4) Stunning Landscape

If beaches aren’t your thing ( then we can’t be friends. JOKES. Not really, though), then the countryside and overall landscape will surely win you over.

Want a house on the hills with acres of untocuhed land around you? It’s here.

Want to live near the city AND the mountains, AND by the ocean? Tasmania can cater to your (obviously demanding) needs. #guiltyyourhonour

You’d be forgiven for thinking you were in Ireland or Scotland, not in lil’ ol’ Tassy. The land is green, lush and looked after very well, and Tasmanians are proud of it.

Overlooking the stunning scenery by sunset

Overlooking the stunning scenery by sunset


Rivers, streams and mountains. A common encounter in Tasmania | Cradle Mountain

Rivers, streams and mountains. A common encounter in Tasmania | Cradle Mountain

5) Best & Purest Air IN THE WORLD

Fact. I’m not just making it up. 

But why and how is it the best and purest in the world?

The air pollution is extremely low due to it’s positioning on the Southern latitude, and due to it’s positioning in the Southern Ocean. Tasmania has the greatest distance from any other land mass/country, with the closest country to it being South Africa. The South West winds bring in nothing but pure air!

Breathe it in, ladies and gentlemen. It’s literally a breath of the freshest air. #punny

*Unfortunately, i was unable to provide photo evidence of the cleanliness of air* (Open to suggestions on how to take pics of air)

6) Plenty Of Outdoor Activities No Matter What Level Of Fitness

How does a 3 day hike through the wilderness sound to you? Good? Tasmania has you covered. Worst nightmare? Tasmania still has you covered.

Whether you want to get hot and sweaty and feel “the burn”, or if walking along the beach casually is your idea of being active, then there will be absolutely no judgements or problems here!

The absolute beauty of Tasmania is you can still be outdoors and active no matter what you fancy. 

Into the wild

Into the wild

7) The Coffee Is Amazing

Wait, did I just say/write that? (Melbourne, I know you’re known as the “coffee capital” in Australia, andI still love you, but Tasmania closely follows – honestly).

Coffee lovers – you will be pleaseantly surprised!

You may not think it, but the coffee culture is just as big in Tasmania – namely Hobart – as it is in Sydney and Melbourne.

You’ll find little coffee vans and stalls in the middle of nowhere that can draw some caffeine craving customers from all areas. 

You’ll also find lots and lots of coffee choices at Tasmania’s Salamanca markets held on Saturdays.

We had PLENTY of coffee, and I can easily say that not one was subpar.

Coffee with a view | Eager customers waiting for their morning coffee. One of the little coffee vans we stopped at.

Coffee with a view | Eager customers waiting for their morning coffee. One of the little coffee vans we stopped at.

Spend a week or a weekend in Tasmania and you’ll be going back for more. Guaranteed.