The Magic Of The Grampians Mountains

The Magic Of The Grampians Mountains

My husband Drew and i wanted to get away for a few days during the week, out of the hustle and bustle of the city, and into the quiet, relaxing arms of Mother Nature. So, we made our way to Grampians National Park in Victoria’s West.

Where Is Grampians National Park?

Headed 3hours and 18mins West of Melbourne, Victoria’s CBD, on the National Highway M8 – you will find yourself in the pristine, and magical world that is Grampians National Park. Halls Gap is the little town just below the foothills of the great mountains, that Drew and i stayed in.

Halls Gap Cottage - Grampians

The Cottage We Stayed In At Halls Gap. The place sleeps 8. 6 people short…

There’s plenty of places to drop into on the way to the Grampians to have a lazy brunch or lunch at along the way if you need to stretch your legs, or you can simply carry on and take in the aesthetically pleasing natural landscape.

Drew and i decided we needed to feed our obsession with hot chips, and try the self proclaimed “best hot chips in town” from some of the locals at “Raunchy Rooster”.

Little Town Of Stawell - 30mins before the Grampians

Pathway To The Lazy Little Town, Stawell, that we stopped in at to get their “famous” hot chips


Stawell Main Street - 30mins Out Of The Grampians

Stawell Main Street – Raunchy Rooster On The Right

Hiking To The Pinnacle

Due to it’s grandeur, Grampians National Park has so many different activities and towns and suburbs that run along them.

One of the most popular “touristy” things to do is to hike to The Pinnacle. Now for scaredy cats like me, that are absolutely terrified of heights, i suggest you take some concrete and harden the hell up, because once you’re up there, you’re met with some strong winds, narrow walkways, and a view that will absolutely take your breath away. Or that may have been my terror… Never fear, though, as you do have a railway and fence to protect you from toppling down to the rocky bottom.

The best and easiest way to reach The Pinnacle if accompanied by children is via Sundial carpark, which is approximately 4km long. This will take you around 1.5 – 2 hours round trip.

The Pinnacle - Grampians National Park

Everything The Light Touches… Yes, That’s A Lion King Reference


On Top Of The World

On Top Of The World At The Pinnacle

Mackenzie Falls

If you don’t mind “falling” (see what i did there??) – which you should be careful of as the rocks are quite slippery – then you should make your way over to Mackenzie Falls. You can drive there from the Mackenzie Falls car park and it will take approximately 1 and a half hours return by foot.

The view is absolutely breathtaking once you do get there. You’ll be met by cascading water falling into a large pond below, and rocks rocks that are available for you to set up a picnic on. Obviously taking your rubbish with you afterwards.

Grampians Waterfall - Mackenzie Falls


The Grampians From The Top

View From The Top

Do yourself a favour, and get to the Grampians National Park in Victoria, Australia. It has every outdoor adventurers dream activities, and a plethora of wildlife literally at your door.

The worst that could happen? You have FUN!