Where Is The Great Otway National Park in Victoria?

When you want to get out of the hustle and bustle of the big, bad city – The Great Otway National Park in the West of Victoria is right up your alley! It is 3 hours drive West of Melbourne, and worth every second to get there. (So long as you have good company along the way of course).

It stretches for kilometers and kilometers across many Australian iconic spots such as Apollo Bay and The Twelve Apostles, all whilst driving along the stunningly beautiful scenic route along the Great Ocean Road.

What Is There To Do?

There is a myriad of activities to partake in such as;

  • Hiring and riding bicycles at John Gardiner Reserve, where you will get a glimpse of the National Park’s beauty up close
  • Go on a Cape Otway tour
  • Maits Rest – you can navigate yourself around the walking track, and is a must see destination.

My husband and i chose to set up a tent and camp overnight. Is it safe? Yes. Did we see a multitude of koalas and hear them grunting in the middle of the night having a turf war? Yes. Were we right in front of a river and did we hear birds sounding like they were laughing? Yes.

Mr Grunting Koala

Mr Grunting Koala


Great Otway Ranges Camping Spot

How’s This For A View To Wake Up To?


Piering Out (See What I Did There?)

Pier-ing Out (See What I Did There?)

What To Take With You

Well, if you’re camping, then the number 1 item you should take is obvious – (lots of FOOD) – a tent! You should also most definitely have a back up wet weather plan. It may look all nice and sunny, but sometimes Mother Nature likes to keep us on our toes and determine whether or not we’re worthy of frolicking in her beauty. (Yes, i literally “frolick”).

Water – lots of it. Bottles of it. Glass bottles if you can help to reduce pollution. Nothing worse than being stuck dying of thirst and being parched and sounding like you have dragged razors over your larynx.

Back to my previous (in my opinion most important) point – you should always take more than enough food, even if you think you may not need or eat it all. What if you drink a bottle of wine to yourselves and you are big eaters and then you just want to eat everything and anything in one sitting and you (thought) you brought more than 5 meals each, but really that’s like for one of you??  What’s the worst that can happen? You eat it on the drive home. Please note: by no means am i condoning food wastage – ensure that it does get consumed at the end of the day.

The common things that are needed for the survival of man, really. i.e. food, water, shelter.

If you decide to go to The Great Otway Ranges, in the colder months, ensure you take plenty of blankets to keep warm. Warmer months call for lots of mosquito repellent.

Matches, and kindle will also come in handy. No camping trip is complete without a fire!

Playing With Fire But Not Getting Burned (?)

Playing With Fire But Not Getting Burnt (?)

Beach, Please

One of my favourite things in the world are beaches. Although you may not put Victoria in the “beachy” category, you may be pleasantly surprised with what’s on offer. (Given you may have to drive a few hours out of town to get there), the end result is well worth it.

Posing on Johanna Beach, Otway Ranges

One. Two. Three. POSE.


If Only You Knew What I Had To Go Through To Get This Pic

If Only You Knew What I (literally) Had To Go Through To Get This Pic


Pretty Sure This Is The BEST Beach In The World. (Name. The NAME. Minus The H).

If you’re not convinced of the worthiness of this place for your visit – then, i’m sorry, we can’t be friends. Haha. No, but seriously.

Signing off.