Vegan – a word synonymous with so many emotions and opinions these days. A word that divides us, yet joins us. A word that has so much politics and controversy attached to it. A word that is understood and embraced, and totally misunderstood and shunned by many.

One thing is for sure, though, these days it is easier than ever before to be the “V” word.

There are more and more passionate cafe owners and “hip” restaurateurs whom are becoming acutely aware of the environmental implications of non-vegan ways. The devastating cruelty that goes on behind closed doors, is also getting it’s moments in the (deserved) spotlight.

For anyone in the hospitality industry, if the menu doesn’t cater to a vegan in some way, shape or form, then the truth is that they’re behind the 8 ball.

There are people whom can eat the equivalent of 2-3 people *raises hand*. The ability to have options and variety are high on the “important” meter.

Now that’s not meant in a self righteous or arrogant way. It’s simply implying that vegan numbers are growing, and if there aren’t options, then business (read money) will be lost.

Vegan Breakfast Bar - Oh SO tasty

Vegan Breakfast Bar. Serves 2 – i am 2 people apparently || Melbourne, Australia.

What To Do When There’s No Specific Vegan Options

Menus may not be vegan specific, so there is the option to “veganise” a meal. (AND NOT BE CHARGED EXTRA FOR REMOVING MEAT/DAIRY/EGGS AND ADDING A VEGAN SIDE IN IT’S PLACE). Too obvious that i’m passionate about that?

Now, if it is REALLY difficult to order something vegan at a cafe or restaurant – then all that can be done is to order a coffee and/or water. That’s the least rudest thing, and there is no obligation to order anything more.

Also be aware and respectful of the fact that it is a place of business. It may not be taken too well if nothing at all is purchased and you’re dining solo.

But obviously being at a restaurant, the #1 goal is to eat. Don’t despair, there’s still hope! Order a salad, (be sure to ask what the ingredients are for any dressings), a piece of bread/toast, or fruit. There are always options, however seemingly limited.

What’s the easiest way to ensure the bottomless pitt (A.K.A stomach) is catered to? (Because you are the most important person, of course). It would be to simply do some research and peruse the menus to scope it out for any animal free meals.

Anyone whom is fortunate enough to have friends that are so very thoughtful and conscious of the menu, will ensure that a restaurant is chosen where there are options.

The world is heading in a more compassionate direction. Fun fact – veganism is one of the fastest growing social movements there currently is. *Insert dancing emoji here*

Food is a basic human survival necessity. If restaurants and cafes aren’t moving with the times of the fastest growing social movement, then are they even a cafe or restaurant?